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Billy Elliot
HSC Study Guide

Billy Elliot HSC Study GuideWhat you will find in this study guide:

  • An outline of HSC English requirements for Module C and Elective 2
  • An introduction to the elective of Into the World and an extensive range of related material with questions to guide your thoughts
  • Background information about the miners’ strike
  • The context of the film
  • A scene by scene analysis of the film
  • An explanation of Swan Lake
  • An analysis of the characters in Billy Elliot
  • Ideas, attitudes and beliefs in the film
  • An explanation of the “language” of a film
  • How to “read” a film or analyse the film techniques
  • Suggested interpretive, critical and imaginative questions

96 x A5 pages for $20 (plus postage)

About the author

Jane Curran is a Deputy Principal at a Sydney high school. She has been an English teacher, subject co-ordinator of English, HSC marker, and has written extensively for HSC English, including media articles, text books, study guides and curriculum documents.

HSC English students

The award winning Learning Curve study guides are written to meet the requirements of HSC English students in NSW.This study guide will give you the information you need to answer questions for Module C Texts and Society, Elective 2: Into the World.